CompassSport Cup Qualifier
Thetford Warren
19th February 2012

Congratulations to WAOC for winning the EAOA heat of the Cup and to CHIG for winning the Trophy heat in this case by a very small margin of just 7 points.

For those interested in RouteGadget, this will be made available with grateful thanks on the WAOC website

Preliminary Results

Club Results



Par times

Brown 90:41
Blue Women Top 12 finishers
Blue Men Top 32 finishers
Green Women Top 15 finishers
Green Men 60:36
Green Veterans 66:47
Light Green Men Top 11 finishers
Light Green Women 64:11
Orange Men Top 8 finishers
Orange Women Top 3 finishers
Yellow Top 7 finishers
White All Finishers
Long Orange 58:59

Controller's Comments

There being only one Level B event scheduled for East Anglian clubs this year, EAOA were very grateful to WAOC for allowing them to hold the Region's Compass Sport Cup/Trophy qualifier in its place. It is some years since an event took place in Thetford Warren, and the addition of the southern area, never before used for orienteering, was a bonus for the longer courses. Ben Holland, new to planning a large event in a forest, made excellent use of the whole area and provided courses which many people said they enjoyed. It is difficult to provide courses with much technical difficulty in Thetford areas, especially at this time of year when controls stand out like beacons, but Ben ensured plenty of route choice and kept the courses away from paths wherever possible. There is the temptation to replace technical difficulty with greater distance, but especially in CSC matches when a number of people are running 'up' to balance their clubs' numbers, this must be avoided. Winning times were therefore fast, but the spread of times in most classes were very wide and justified not increasing distance. Barbara Fothergill did a great job of organising the event, as did Paul Beckett in working out all the start times. Also I must thank all the other people who made controlling this event most enjoyable - Tony Biggs and Paul Lowe for running the SI, WAOC the Start, SOS the road crossing, and Alan Bedder the Finish. Last, but by no means least, I was fortunate in having as Assistant Controller, Pat Martin, who shared the control checking, rode shotgun round the vulnerable controls on the day, and made other very useful suggestions.
John Ward (NOR)

Organiser's Comments

I would like to add my thanks to John's for all the help I received from the EAOA clubs; particular thanks go to Tony who took over the task of monitoring the entries, sorting out anomalies and then downloaded them from Fabian4. Also thanks to John and June Webb for coming to our rescue with their generator when the generator was found to have sprung a leak just as we were setting up yesterday morning. As I waved the Portaloo lorry goodbye at 4pm I looked back along the forest road and there was no sign that we had been there at all, which is just as it should be!
Finally, congratulations to our absent EAOA club, SMOC, who decided to compete a bit nearer to home this year in the SCOA round of the CSC and won a place in the Final of the Trophy competition!
Lost Property: boy's black fleece beanie hat. Contact me to claim
Barbara Fothergill (HAVOC)

Planner's Comments

to follow
Ben Holland (WAOC)

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